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Medical Office Buildings, Hospitals & Clinics

  • GCD Professional Office Building: 8,500 SF Licensed medical clinic. HVAC and plumbing design.
  • MCPC Cameron Park Clinic: 4,000 SF Medical clinics. HVAC and plumbing design.
  • River Bend Medical T.I.: 5,000 SF Medical offices. HVAC and Plumbing design.
  • Parkstone Physical Therapy: 2,000 SF Physical Therapy center with; exam rooms and offices. HVAC and Plumbing design.
  • Dr. Thompson T.I.: 2,215 SF office and research building. HVAC and plumbing design.
  • Dr. Kamena & Gibson: 5,656 SF Dental office building with; lab, exam rooms and lobby area. HVAC design.
  • Dr. Digiorno: 2,000 SF Dental office with; lab, treatment areas and lobby. HVAC design.
  • Dr. Wayne T.I.: 2,422 SF Doctor offices with; lab, exam rooms and lobby. HVAC and Plumbing redesign.
  • Dr. Frei T.I.: 2,500 SF Doctor office with lab, exam rooms, restrooms, lobby, offices and break room. HVAC design.
  • Dr. Phung T.I.: 2,000 SF Dental office with exam rooms and lobby. HVAC design.
  • Dr. Gosal T.I.: 3,000 SF Dental office with; exam rooms, offices, lobby, break room, and rest rooms. HCAC design.
  • Chappa De Williams - Grass Valley: 2,350 SF Medical clinic office HVAC redesign.
  • Chappa De Williams - Winters: 5,000 SF Medical clinic with; dental exam rooms, doctor offices, restrooms and lobby area. HVAC and Plumbing design. OSHPOD
  • Bradshaw Veterinary Clinic: 7,000 SF Veterinary clinic with; exam rooms, offices, and rest rooms. Plumbing design.